Business Law

Gerke Law Office, LLC offers broad legal advice to a wide variety of businesses. Whether the business is large or small, just starting out or has been established for many years, it is our aim to work with the client to give solutions that meet their needs, not just legal theories. Good business requires that the “bottom line” be carefully considered in all business decisions – even legal ones. That is why we work with our clients to find out what is the most efficient and economic way to meet their objectives and ambitions.

Some of the issues we have assisted our clients with include:

  • Setting up a corporation, limited liability company (LLC), limited liability partnership (LLP), or a partnership
  • Purchase or sale of a business
  • Financing decisions
  • Employment decisions
  • Confidentiality agreements or non-compete agreements
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Draft, review and negotiate simple or complex contracts
  • Environmental issues
  • Collection matters
  • Disputes with customers, other businesses or creditors
  • Insurance claims
  • Corporate law
  • Alternative dispute resolutions such as arbitration or mediation
  • Business litigation

Real Estate Law

Gerke Law Office, LLC represents clients involved in a wide variety of legal issues relating to real estate. Our clients include buyers, sellers, developers, realtors, title companies, banks, landlords, and tenants. The purchase or sale of real estate is one of the most important transactions that can be entered into. The process requires attention to many details, many of which need extensive knowledge of local real estate laws and customs. It is highly recommended that anyone involved in a real estate deal consult with and use an experienced and knowledgeable real estate attorney.

We have worked with clients concerning the following issues:

  • Drafting purchase and sale agreements for residential and commercial properties
  • Drafting and negotiating residential and commercial leases
  • Drafting mortgages and other security documents
  • Drafting Easements
  • Zoning issues and special use permits
  • Residential developments
  • Foreclosures
  • Residential and Commercial Evictions
  • Landownership disputes
  • Boundary line disputes

Estate Planning

We have vast experience working with clients to create an estate plan as well as administer estates, regardless of the size of the particular estate.

It is very important for everyone to have a will, financial power of attorney, healthcare power of attorney, and a living will. This is true whether the person is young or old, single or married, and is wealthy or not. These basis estate planning documents state what the person’s intentions are when they cannot speak for themselves.

As the law of estate planning evolves, more and more options are available for clients to customize their estate plan to their specific wishes. However, this greater flexibility and multitude of choices also makes estate planning more complex and can be overwhelming at times. We work with each of our clients to examine all of the choices available and then develop an estate plan that is right for them. We also work with clients to periodically review their estate plans to determine if their situation has changed or if there are any new developments in the law that would require any updates or changes.

We work with families to administer the estates of their loved ones, whether that is through the use of living trusts, probate court, or transferring non-probate assets.

Some of the issues that we deal with when working on an estate plan or estate include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Wills
  • Irrevocable Living Trusts and Revocable Living Trusts
  • Financial Powers of Attorney
  • Healthcare Powers of Attorney
  • Living Wills
  • Probate
  • Life Insurance
  • Annuities
  • Payable on Death Beneficiaries
  • Transfer on Death Beneficiaries
  • Guardianships